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RogueArcheryTV | What comes before technique?

In this video, Jarryd discusses the three ingredients to the secret sauce you MUST have before you can achieve correct archery technique. 
1. Mobility
2. Motor Control
3. Strength

OnlineArcheryAcademy | How to make an archery training plan

Learn how to go through step by step and create your own custom training plan that will make sure you progress faster.

  • Benchmarks (strength, skill)
  • What to work on
  • Reviewing your videos
  • Strength skill development
  • Gym program
  • Archery drills
  • Posture
  • Set position repeat drills
  • Shot trainer
  • Full draw anchor
  • Measuring process
  • Example plan

Self coaching apps

Eric Yspeert | The apps I use

Drill timers (iPhone)

  • Tabata Timer – requires a subscription
  • Interval Timer – free

Video (iPhone)

  • ReplayCam Lite – Use your iPhone as a video delay camera. (free)
  • XLR8 – Show two different video delays along with a pre-recorded video (free)
  • VisualEyes – Record and analyze videos using slow-motion and annotation (free)
  • EpocCam – Use iPhone as a video streaming camera (free, use with Elgato Camera Hub)
  • Camo – Use iPhone as a video streaming camera (free, use with Camo Studio)

Video (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • OBS Studio – video screencasting and streaming app (free). On Mac it automatically uses the iPhone continuity function for video streaming. Filters allow for (multiple) delayed views.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | How To Improve Your Archery FAST with Delayed Video Feedback

Although taking separate videos on your phone is good to review your technique, it takes lots of time and can be frustrating to individually record each shot. Video delay allows you to review each and every shot while staying on the shooting line and being fully focussed on what you’re doing.

This video shows how to use and setup OBS using a phone as a streaming video camera.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | 7 Essential Archery Apps For Self Coaching

There are some great apps that can help you train on your own, and improve your technique through self coaching. I run down 7 of my favourites in this video.

Somewhat outdated on the apps used, but their use is nicely demonstrated.

Shoulder anatomy

MuscleandMotion | Scapular Force Couple – Muscle collaboration in the shoulder

The muscles in our body work together to create movement in an efficient way. In this video we examine scapular movement during shoulder abduction, made by the collaboration of the Upper Trapezius, Lower Trapezius, and Serratus Anterior.

RandaleSechrest | Shoulder Anatomy Animated Tutorial

Orthopaedic surgeon Randale C. Sechrest, MD narrates an animated tutorial on the basic anatomy of the shoulder.


RogueArcheryTV | An Advanced Warm-up Technique: The Proprioception Set

In this video, Jarryd discusses a more advanced warm-up technique called ‘The proprioception set’. This training principle is borrowed from strength athletes to increase relative strength output. This drill uses neural overloading to improve power in the shot.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | Don’t forget this crucial part of your archery warm up

It’s important to develop a good warm up for you, that takes into account key areas that you are working on in your archery program. In this video I talk about the key stages of a good warm up, and the RAMP method.


Ahh the warm up! Who actually does this?! Well, way too few archers in our opinion.  Only 10 minutes of light exercise to make sure your muscles and mind are ready for shooting your top score! Not really a big investment is it?

There are countless ways to do this, but the basic idea we were taught is in these four steps:
– Swing and wave your body lightly to get the blood flowing and warm your muscles and joints.
– Carefully stretch your muscles to make sure they are ”at length”. 
– Slightly more intense exercises with elastic band to prepare the muscles used to shoot.
– Practicing your shot with elastic band to focus your mind and body on shooting technique.


RogueArcheryTV | 3 Top Tips for Shoulder Health for Archers

Shoulder injuries are unnecessarily common in archery! In this video, Jarryd discusses some of the tips, tricks and hacks that you can use to prevent injury, and maintain optimal shoulder health for archers.
1. Improve shoulder mobility
2. Promote balanced muscle development
3. Get regular soft tissue work

RogueArcheryTV | How to improve shoulder mobility with dislocates

Dislocates are an extremely simple drill that you can work into your warm-up / warm-down routine to improve shoulder mobility and prevent an accumulation of muscle tightness. 

RogueArcheryTV | Shoulder Injury Spotlight: Bicep Tendinitis

Have you got shoulder pain when shooting? 
In this video, Coach Jarryd breaks down one of the most common shoulder injuries in archers… Bicep Tendonitis.
This is caused by an impingement on the long head of biceps, which is easily aggravated through shooting. In this video we discuss:
 – What this injury is
 – What causes it
 – Injury prevention
 – Treatment and rehabilitation options

Sentient Archery | Lateral Arm Raise for Scapula Stability while shooting a bow

One of the most challenging factors to achieve in order to set up a good shot structure is keeping your scapulas low and stable. Modern life (ie: less hanging around in trees and more time on a couch or in a chair) often leaves us with severe imbalances in muscle development and flexibility. One of the most common issues I have come across with my students is overactive upper trapezius muscles. This is almost always coupled with under active antagonist muscles such as the lower trapezius and serratus anterior. This is definitely not an easy imbalance to rectify, however, this exercise is a very good way to start along the journey to gain the flexibility and control required to maintain correct scapula position throughout the shot cycle. Progress will be slow but it is definitely worth it for the positive impact it will make on your overall ability to shoot a bow.

Sentient Archery | Scapula Mobility Test & Exercise for Archery

In this video I demonstrate a very effective exercise to tests and improve scapula mobility and control. I also explain why scapula mobility is important for effective archery technique.The exercise is simple but effective. Keep to the easier movements until you have more control and mobility. Then challenge yourself by incorporating both movements into the full circular rolling movement of your scapula in both directions (as demonstrated). Nothing else required except an exercise mat (or a towel or carpet).

Sentient Archery | Scapula Twist for Shoulder Health – Archery Specific Exercise

In this video I explain and demonstrate a more challenging archery specific exercise designed not only to improve the mobility of your shoulders but also increase overall strength and control. While the focus is on the scapula movement over the ribcage, it also incorporates the rotational motion of the shoulder. Doing this exercise face-down on a mat with a lifted head goes a step further by improving alignment and mobility in the thoracic spine. The number of muscles recruited to execute this exercise is exceptional and simply too many to list here. This exercise is definitely not about isolation, but rather about full shoulder integration. Shoulder health (ie: mobility, proprioception and strength) is incredibly valuable to an archer. Consistent and correct execution of this exercise will go a long way to assist you in gaining & maintaining that health.

Blank bale

JakeKaminski | Blank Bale is the Single Most Beneficial Tool You can Use

What is blank bale? How does an archer shoot blank bale? Why would anyone shoot blank bale? jake covers why shooting blank bale is a love/hate relationship and how you can use it to your advantage to make you a better archer.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | “I shoot well at blank bale but lose feeling at distance”

Ever wondered why you can’t get that close blank boss feeling when you shoot at a target face? It turns out there are only two possible causes.

TripleTroubleArchery | Blank bale training

Sjef tells you the why’s and how’s of blank bale training. We believe this is a great method to focus on things as technique. Many archers have heard of this method, but do you know these pro-tricks?

OnlineArcheryAcademy | 3 Keys To Proper Blank Bale Practice

How to avoid some common blank bale practice mistakes while training blank bale at home.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | 7 Common Practice Mistakes

Pretty much every archer around the world does some form of training at home, and there’s good reason; you can make real progress and develop key skills at home. However, there are certain mistakes that it’s good to be aware. Follow these points and it will make your practice much more interesting and effective.


RogueArcheryTV | Position Training for Archery

In this video, Coach Jarryd breaks down 4 key positions that are essential for improving your archery technique!

This drill is very effective for beginners who are learning the shot process for the first time, as well as for advanced archers who are making form changes / refinements.

SPTs (Specific Physical Training)

JakeKaminski | Archery Practice at Home

Stuck at home and unable to get to the local archery range? I’ll share how you can still maintain your archery strength with drills you can do in your house or apartment. 
00:00 Intro
01:45 stretchband + mirror
05:32 stretchband + mirror + bow
06:12 SPT – holding
09:32 SPT – power
11:53 SPT – flexibility
13:48 – shot trainer

This video is a bit of a summary of the SPT’s. More details discussion and demonstration of the ‘holding’, ‘power’ and ‘flexibility’ SPT’s are listed below in their own video.

JakeKaminski | Archery Holding SPT

Specific Physical Training or Severe Physical Torture? You be the judge after following along with a guided 15 minute Holding SPT session in this video. This simple exercise will build your archery shooting strength like no other, use the same techniques that world class archers in @WorldArcheryTV do to build their archery strength. 

Warm-Up Starts at 4:05 For those who come back here to build strength over and over again.

It is recommended to use an app like Tabata Timer or Interval Timer.

JakeKaminski | Archery Power SPT

Specific Physical Training or Severe Physical Torture? You be the judge after following along with a guided Power or Pumping SPT session in this video. This simple exercise will build your archery shooting Power like no other, use the same techniques that world class archers in  @WorldArcheryTV   do to build their archery strength. 

Warm-Up Starts at 7:00 For those who come back here to build strength over and over again.

JakeKaminski | Archery Flexibility SPT

Flexibility Specific Physical Training or SPT is the third type of SPT for Archers to use to increase range of motion when shooting. Archery SPT is important to build strength, power and flexibility. 

Doing a series of holds, expanding past the clicker clicking and continual movement to bring back some range of motion or flexibility is a great way to recover from harder training days when shooting archery. 

JakeKaminski | My Favourite Archery Shooting Drill: Shooting 12 Arrows in 4 Minutes

This single drill will help you become more consistent under pressure, a better shooter in adverse weather conditions and develop you into a stronger archer all at the same time. Finally a beneficial drill for archery that includes shooting your bow!

RogueArcheryTV | 20:40 SPT: Guided Bow Fitness Drill

20:40 SPT is one of the most fundamental drills for bow fitness and training technique structure. In this video, Jarryd runs you through a guided bow fitness session.

RogueArcheryTV | Archery training over the holidays – I did SPT on the beach!

Jarryd demonstrates some training variations that can be done almost anywhere – in your hotel room, or on the beach!

JakeKaminski | Ramping Up Archery Training & Getting Back into Top Shooting Shape

Shooting my Recurve Bow today at 70 meters, using the 12 arrows in 4 minutes drill to continue getting back my archery shooting strength. I quickly realize that I am not yet ready to continue at this level of training intensity. Knowing when to Quit is just as important as identifying weaknesses to work on. 

Shot trainer


Having a good release in archery is essential. While most archers simply shoot lots and lots of arrows to get a better and more consistent release, there are tools which can help you get the proper back tension and therefore a release that will get you a better result.

JakeKaminski | The BEST At Home Training Tool for Strong Consistent Shots: Astra Shot Trainer

Can’t make it to the range? Need the ability to train at home and shoot your bow without a target butt? Wanting a stronger, more consistent release? I’ll show you the BEST training tool to make that all happen and more in this video!
The Astra Shot Trainer is a renewed look on the old Form Master that was used for years to see how much back tension an archer maintained through release and follow through. This is a much safer, more comfortable rendition with added features that will really drive home the concept of finishing with back tension with your recurve bow, barebow or other recurve style bow.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | HOW TO USE A SHOT TRAINER

A shot trainer is an amazing tool that can help you improve your release and clean up your execution. It’s a key weapon in your training toolbox and you should use it. Today I show how you can setup your shot trainer probably and adjust it to make sure it’s the right length for you. I also demonstrate how you can use it to improve your release.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | This improves your release so much it’s BANNED

This is a well used Korean training method that’s a staple in school archery lessons, and there’s a reason it’s so popular. It works!
This device can really help your expansion and your release massively, and is an essential for any serious recurve archer that’s looking to improve their form and train more effectively.

Strength exercises

RogueArcheryTV | Two essential strength exercises for archers

In this video, Jarryd demonstrates two of the most important exercise variations for archers to incorporate into their strength program. 

Chin-ups and overhead press are both important for strengthening and stabilising the shoulders, and play an important role for injury prevention through promoting balanced muscle development and training an improved range of motion. 

JakeKaminski | 5 Effective Exercises for Increasing your Draw Weight

So you want to go up in draw weight but you don’t know how to approach it, I teach you effective ways to get stronger so you can shoot a heavier draw weight and still maintain your form. Join myself and my wife Heather who is a sports massage therapist and Personal/Physio Trainer and get 5 effective strength training exercises to easily and safely go up in bow/draw weight.

JakeKaminski | How to Exercise for Archery

Learn how the top level archers across the world use exercise and strength training to be stronger, healthier and better archers. We cover how many days a week to lift weights, how many sets and reps and how to structure a workout for maximum benefit to you. Join myself and my wife Heather who is a sports massage therapist and Personal/Physio Trainer and learn how to effectively train with strength training for archery.

Flexibility exercises

OnlineArcheryAcademy | Archery Stretching/Flexibility Routine

A routine of great archery stretches that you can do at home. Stretching and flexibility is an essential part of a good archery training program, and can help increase range of motion, recover more quickly and prevent injury. In this video I go through some basic stretches which are great for archery.
00:20 – Neck Stretch
00:45 – Neck Stretch (Turned Head)
01:15 – Neural Neck Stretch 1
02:02 – Neural Neck Stretch 2
03:19 – Pec Stretch
04:14 – Wrist Stretch
04:33 – Side Stretch
05:20 – Toe Touch Stretch
06:36 – Tricep Stretch
06:55 – Thoracic Stretch
07:46 – Thoracic Rotation Stretch
08:25 – Glute Stretch 1
08:50 – Glute Stretch 2
09:18 – Calf Stretch
09:30 – Quad Stretch
09:55 – Thoracic Mobility Stretch
10:35 – Wrist Stretch Floor Variations

Practice drills

OnlineArcheryAcademy | Archery Bow Training Exercises – Session 1 

The drills in this bow training session are for novices, but give it a go no matter your level and you might be surprised at the benefits!

OnlineArcheryAcademy | Archery Bow Training Exercises – Session 2

The drills in this bow training session are for beginners, and it’s always important to listen to your body. Make sure the difficulty is ok for you, by using a band where necessary instead of a bow, and by gradually increasing the difficulty over time.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | 5 ESSENTIAL Recurve Training Drills

Learn 5 key drills that should be in your training plan. Archery specific drills are great to learn technique and improve strength, especially for recurve. 

  • Double bow roll
  • Clicker extension
  • Elbow drill
  • Finger release drill
  • Shot trainer drill

OnlineArcheryAcademy | How To Practice Properly With A Band

Some keys to using a band properly to practice archery. Doing drills with a band is an excellent way to learn new technique and improve what you’re doing. But too often archers get to a stage where they think band work isn’t important any more, and they won’t benefit from it. No matter where you are, it’s still extremely valuable!

In this video, I’ll show you how to do band drills the right way, and show you specific examples of drills that you can do for each part of your shot.

Back exercises

MuscleandMotion | Bent Over High Row with a Resistance Band

The target muscle is the posterior deltoid (colored red). The trapezius and rhomboids (colored pink) abduct the scapula.

ChiropracticFitnessTV | How to do the Wall Angel for tight shoulders

A great stretch to open the shoulder joint capsule, stretch the chest muscles, and improve forward head posture

Tangelo-SeattleChiropractor | How To Do Wall Angels

MovetoHeal | Wall Angel Progression

Work the wall angel backwards: with the arms and head in position, move the lower back against the wall


Target panic (rozenvrees)

TripleTroubleArchery | Target Panic: How to Fix it in 3 Steps

Jaap has had target panic for the past years and with the help of Sjef and Gijs he has made huge steps toward curing it. In this video Jaap explains the best approach when suffering target panic.

JakeKaminski | What is a Grip Sear & How I Use it to Manage Target Panic with Barebow

Day 3 of no longer being a lazy archer… Shooting blank bale to work on my mental process and mental program while shooting archery. Focusing in on specific parts of my shot process and developing a system that I can focus on in future competitions is the main goal of this training session.

JakeKaminski | Grip Sear on a Recurve: Shooting my Recurve like a Barebow

I wonder how high of a score I can shoot at 70 meters with my recurve setup, but by shooting it like a Barebow? Shooting my Recurve without a clicker and instead using my grip sear technique to execute the shot will test to see the potential of a grip sear’s accuracy.

JakeKaminski | Sharing the Struggles of Target Panic

I just competed for the first time at an outdoor tournament with my barebow and was on the struggle bus from the start. I use a grip sear to deal with target panic and discuss how I use the grip edge as a psycho-trigger to tell me when to shoot.

Target panic Compound

BowLifeTV | Levi Morgan’s Game Break “Target Panic”


BowLifeTV | How to beat TARGET PANIC with Levi Morgan (Part 1)

Part 1
0:27 Overview
1:30 Focus in the Middle
2:50 Don’t stop executing
3:45 Focus in the Middle
5:24 Shoot a dot
5:54 Shoot off one foot

BowLifeTV | How to beat TARGET PANIC with Levi Morgan (Part 2)

Part 2
0:25 Target Panic
1:17 Don’t be afraid of the middle
3:11 Aquire quickly
4:42 Use movement
7:33 Reset drill

BowLifeTV | How to beat TARGET PANIC with Levi Morgan (Part 3)

Part 3
1:02 What to see
2:40 Finding a peep
3:32 Scope housing

BowLifeTV | How to beat TARGET PANIC with Levi Morgan (Part 4)

Part 4
0:15 Welcome
0:30 The Problem
3:08 Heavy Use
4:22 Dig In
5:11 Release
6:50 Hair Trigger


RogueArcheryTV | Is archery REALLY 90% mental and 10% technique? – Walk & Talk

In this walk & talk, Jarryd discussed the old archery cliche, “Is archery really 90% mental and 10% technique?”

JakeKaminski | One Simple Archery Hack for Getting Better Faster

Learn to rephrase the negative shot evaluations into a positive action

OnlineArcheryAcademy | Why competition nerves are NOT the problem

Recurve olympic archery is all about consistency, and a good mental approach is a key element to your preparation for a tournament. The key here is to focus on what you can control, and learn to interpret your nerves in a helpful way, and you will be on track to much better performances.

JakeKaminski | The Mental Approach to Being a Successful Archer

How much do you hear that archery is 90% mental? How much do you hear people talk about the mental game? Not very often….. Jake addresses the start to a few ways you can begin to work on being a strong archer mentally. 

JakeKaminski | Learn the Basics to the Archery Mental Game with Mindfulness

We all know that the mental game in archery is very important, but where should you start? Jake gives you the beginning starting point of the archery mental process with a basic exercise practicing mindfulness in this video. 

JakeKaminski | What Archers Need to Know About the Mental Game

How different are the mental thoughts or processes between club level archers and elite level archers? The answer may surprise you! People say that archery at a high level is more mental than physical and most people only train their technique…. Why is this? 

JakeKaminski | How to Form and Execute a Mental Program

We all know that archery is a mental sport; some say 90% mental, but how much time are you spending on your mental game? I help you start to form your own mental program or process and explain how it can evolve over time. 

JakeKaminski | What Top Archers Think About at Full Draw

Archery is 90% mental right? Why don’t more of the top level archers talk more about the mental game? Its a Secret! Jake will explain to you the why behind purposeful thinking at full draw and give you tools to help be a better archer from having a stronger mental game. 

References the book “With Winning in Mind” from  Lani and Troy Bassem.

JakeKaminski | How To Control Your Intensity at Full Draw

Controlling your intensity while shooting archery is something that high scoring archers do every shot. This is a fairly easy technique to master especially since most of controlling intensity is done mentally. Anyone can apply this technique to their style of shooting. 

JakeKaminski | Archery Mental Process: How to Form and Execute a Mental Program

We all know that archery is a mental sport; some say 90% mental, but how much time are you spending on your mental game? I help you start to form your own mental program or process and explain how it can evolve over time. 


Many archers struggle with learning visualisation, and don’t know what they should be thinking or how to make it work for them. In this in-depth video I discuss how to really think about visualisation and use it to improve technique and competition performance.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | You can’t think about every part of your shot at once

When you’re working on a new technique area, or trying to bring back your normal form after a dip in performance it’s common to experience mental overload and feel like there is too much to focus on when you’re shooting. However, there are simple ways that you can cut through to the important parts of your shot and get clarity. That’s what today’s video is all about.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | Archery goal setting – the PROPER method

Setting goals is important, but the SMART framework leaves a lot to be desired. I outline my take on how to set goals in a better way, and how this can help your archery training and progression

The Why it is important to you, the Realization and the Journey it represents, the Plan to get there and the Support it requires will give you the Mindset to get there.

OnlineArcheryAcademy | What is ‘your shadow technique’?

Your shadow technique is something that’s not ever really discussed, but a key concept that can help you progress faster. When learning a new skill or pattern the old technique is not deleted from your mind or muscle memory. Under stress or fatigue this old method will reassert itself. Realizing this ‘shadow technique’ is still there will help you to learn faster or correct the mistakes.